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Maple Oatmeal

Maple Oatmeal was created to assist with excessively dry skin. As dry skin is often deficient in essential fatty acids and prone to moisture depletion, this bar contains ingredients that hydrate and helps to maintain moisture such as goat milk, buttermilk, and oatmeal.  

Brown Suga Baby

Brown Suga Baby is a coffee-based scrub that's suitable for the entire body including the face.  It assists with exfoliating, anti-aging, reducing the appearance of wrinkles, and toning. The scrub is lightly scented from the gentle ingredients themselves. 

The Duke Body Butter

The Duke is a full body that's beneficial for the full with maintaining hydration and moisturizer. Some key ingredients are shea, Mango, and kukum butter which is loaded with antioxidants like vitamin C, E & A. Its awesome because you can spend less and get high-quality product.

A Woman's Glory

A Woman’s Glory is a feminine cleansing bar that leaves your vagina feeling, not only refreshed but moisturized and soothing. It’s made with natural oils, Shea butter, essential oils, organic herbs, and spices.  The unique blend of essential oils and herbs, it helps to balance the PH balance and assist in getting rid of bad bacteria around the vaginal/ vulva area. 


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“I been looking for a soap that would work for my skin for a while now and I must say I'm in love and definitely be a customer in the future.... also Precious was amazing, doing everything she can to make sure I get the product.”

Tallassee, FL 


Absolutely LOOOOVE her products. Smells AMAZING and wil have your lady parts feeling nice lol. I definitely recommend her yoni soap! Thanks for great products.

Orlando , Fl


Thank you Sweetie, I truly enjoy your products. The freates quality and loved all the way in the state of Missouri .

Davenport , Fl


Thank you, Queen. Your products are amazing! Im a customer for life!

Orlando, Fl


I can not believe how hydrated and smooth my skin is after using the scrub. I addicted 😩. If you hve bigger, I'd like t order that.

Orlando, Fl


A Lion's Heart

Vanilla Latte'